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Holiday rental in Bar: find your place for long term or short term stay at the best location in Montenegro.

Bar is the largest city and port on the Montenegrin coast and one of the main tourist destinations in Montenegro. Given that it is connected to Italy by the Adriatic Sea, it is considered that Bar is Montenegro's connection with the world.

One of the significant attractions in this place is the so-called Montenegrin Pompeii - Old Town of Bar, which since 1957 is a cultural monument of the first category.

Bar is one of the sunniest places in southern Europe. It boasts a large number of sunny days, with frequent winds and a very long duration of insolation.

Enough reason to take one of the many accommodations in Bar. Rent apartment in Bar allows you to explore the many and long beaches that are nearby, as well as to spend unforgettable moments in this and many cities nearby.

We offer apartments, studio apartments, and you can rent an apartment for a day or an suit for a day if you need private accommodation. You can find apartments in Bar in different locations, according to your needs.